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5 Things you can do during Passover

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Here's some fun ideas you can do during Passover with your kiddos:

1. Dessert: Chocolate Matzah Balls

A lot of people think that there's nothing to eat during Passover, but actually it's not true at all!

If you're not familiar with the concept of Passover, people who celebrate it, may not eat chametz during the holiday.

What the is Chametz?

Chametz is a product that is both made from one of five types of grain and has been combined with water and left to stand raw for longer than eighteen minutes and becomes leavened (from Wikipedia)

SOOO... Are you ready for an easy and yummy dessert recipe you can make at home?


  • ¼ cup butter

  • 8 squares dark chocolate (8 oz.)

  • 4 tablespoons white sugar

  • 3 tablespoons cocoa powder

  • ½ cup milk

  • 3-5 sheets of matzah or leftover matzah crumbs

  • shredded coconut​ / coloured candies / cocoa / nuts / other delicious toppings

How to make?

  1. Melt butter and chocolate together. Mix well. Pour into large bowl. Add cocoa powder, sugar and milk. Mix well. Make sure there are no cocoa powder chunks.

  2. Smash matzah as small as you can (you can use a rolling pin to help). Add into mixture.

  3. Shape into small balls and roll in shredded coconut. Children are especially good at this time-consuming step!

  4. Fridge for a couple hours or until chilled.

Credit: Jamir Geller


2. Arts & Crafts: Moshe Bateva

A very cool craft you can make at home!

What do you need?

  • 2 white pages

  • Scissors

  • Black marker

  • Tape

  • Anything you can colour with: markers, crayons, oil pastels…

How to make?

  1. Draw on one page river, pyramids or anything else

  2. Draw a line crossing the river

  3. Cut the line without out cutting the edges

  4. Divide the second page into two pieces

  5. Use one piece to create Moses

  6. Use the second piece to create a stick by folding it

  7. Tape the stick to Moses

  8. Insert Moses into the hole of the river you created

  9. Play with little Moses

Click here to see the full guide

Moshe Batevah Craft for Passover

Credit: Zak Alla Art


3. Movie: Watch "Prince of Egypt"

What's more fun than a movie night with your fam?

Watch "Prince of Egypt" with your kiddos and enjoy some family time while learning the Exodus Story of Egypt.

Although the movie is a cartoon and may seem as a kids movie, you'd be surprised how much you'll enjoy it as well.

Click Here to listen to the songs from the movie


4. Game: What's in the Pyramid

Are you ready for a cool game?

Hide objects at Pyramids you can build at home!

How to play the game?

  • Each participant at a time chooses an item to hide in the pyramid (water bottle, toy, cup...) without everyone else seeing the item

  • The chosen participant builds a pyramids around the item, making sure the object can't be seen

  • The rest of the participants need to guess what's in the pyramid

What can you build the Pyramids from Ideas: Toilet paper, Pots, Pillows, Toys or really anything else!


5. Outdoors: Find the Spring

Spring came early this year in Toronto and this warm weather calls for Outdoor Activities!

Take your family out for a walk in the neighbourhood, the city or even find a nice trail and try to find all signs Spring is here.`

Look out for flowers, birds singing or anything else that reminds you of Spring.

Make a fun game out of it and see who can find more signs!

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