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10 unique Ideas for birthday parties

Sometime parents simply do not want to complicate their life by preparing a child's birthday, That's why many parents would prefer to celebrate a kid's party in entertainment center or a venue. But those who prefer a home celebration, will have many advantages. Like, the child feels more comfortable at home, being in a familiar environment, surrounded by family and loving people. And as a bonus - this could be a start of your family tradition.

Our children today are no longer content with "just" festive table and balloons, They want their birthday to be special, memorable, which their peers will remember for a long time. That's why it is very important to plan every smallest detail of it - the theme, the decoration of the room, the table, the photo zone, the menu, gifts and, of course, the entertainment program.

We tried to gather in this article the most cool ideas for games and contests for children birthday party at home as an alternative for the entertainment program.

Just pay attention, that during these games and contests, it is important for parents to take the side of the observers, allowing your child to enjoy her/himself.

In competitions, especially in team contests, there is always a spirit of rivalry. It teaches children to lose with dignity and to respect rivals. For the winners - to be able to sympathize with the those who lost this time.

"What, when and why?"

The birthday girl/boy is given a sheet of paper and a pen. The host asks a question, for example, "what?" The kids writes the answer and folds the paper, hiding what she/he wrote. Then transfers it to other kids in the circle. Then the host asks another question, for example, "what is he doing?" And so on, until everyone takes part in the game. At the end, the host reads out the resulting story. A burst of laughter is guaranteed!

"An Apple"

Select two participants. They will have to bite off a piece of an apple hanged up on a rope. with their hands behind their back. Whoever succeeds first will win.


They invite volunteers, give them mittens and lollypop. They will need to unwrap the candy while wearing the mittents. The one who unwraps it first wins.


You will need to invite several couples to participate. Every couple will be tied to each other as follows - the left leg and arm of one child is tied to the right leg and arm of the other in the couple. They will need to complete three tasks as a couple - with their free hands. Your can choose the following tasks for them : to sharpen a pencil with a sharpener, tie a scarf , roll a roll of toilet paper, tie your laces. The winner is the one who completes all tasks faster.

"A Blind Artist"

You will need a drawing paper, markers and paints. Select a few participants, blindfold them, and ask them to draw a portrait of a birthday girl/boy. And let the bday kid to choose the winner.