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10 Ways to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday Around the Holidays

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Planning your child’s birthday around the holidays can be a tough task. Trying to figure out ideas on how to make your child’s birthday special when the holidays are nearby. Luckily, there are countless of ideas for your children and here we have 10 ways that for you to celebrate your child’s birthday around this time of year.

1. Embrace The Holiday Birthday

Having a holiday themed birthday for you child may not be a bad idea after all. Have a birthday party where your child’s friends and family can decorate cookies or build gingerbread houses, which they can take home instead of a treat bag. A great game that you can all participate in would be ‘pin the nose on the snowman’. You could also easily buy seasonal crafting kits that your kids would love. It’s a fun way to embrace your child’s birthday around the holidays.

2. Make Everything Their Favourite for the Day

Take note of your child’s favourite things and do not say no to them for the day. Make their favourite meals, as little as it may seem it will brighten your child’s day. Decorate the house with the colours they really like. It would make their birthday feel extra special and don’t forget to buy their favourite cake and ice cream. After all, it’s their special day!

3. Dance Party!

Who doesn’t love dance parties? Set up a dance studio for your child and their family and friends in your living room or in the basement. Close the curtains, put on the holiday lights and dance away. Dancing is fun and includes exercise. You’ll get to experience your child’s talented moves and on the plus side of a dance party is that I guarantee your child will have no problem going to bed that night.

Dance party for winter birthday celebration

4. Game night

Take all of the board and card games you have to have a game day or game night. Let your child choose which games they would love to play and invite the whole crew over. Enjoy the day and night playing multiple game