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Best ideas for celebrating your child's birthday at home

Children's birthday: step by step instructions

This article is for those who do not want to be limited to a regular children's birthday, but still prefer to celebrate their special day at home . Once a year you can arrange a great holiday for your kid, using the advice of experienced organizers. We will try to present everything briefly and clearly.

Birthday theme

Why choosing a theme is important, you may ask. It is, because your entire planning and design depend on this choice.

If you don't want to devote the holiday to one hero or one fairy tale, just choose a color! Like, let's have an orange party where everyone is in an orange mood, orange t-shirts and orange candies.


If we are choosing to celebrate in our house, there is not much choice. It just should be the most spacious room with a minimum of furniture and sharp corners. It is better to separate the dining and play areas in the room. If you can even separate and let the celebration take place in one room and a table with treats in another. It is safer, and there is more space for active games.

But if you decide on a venue or a kids club, you will need to pay attention to the original decoration of the room, otherwise it could be a bit awkward to hold "Princess birthday" sign while there are only Minions or Batmen on the walls.

Room decoration

For those who like DIY, there are many interesting options and techniques for decorating a room with the help of scrap materials and ready-made elements of paper decor, which are sold nowadays in any Party City or even Dollarama.

Naturally, we will stick to the chosen topic, but try not to overdo it. It is not necessary to use all design techniques at the same time. Everything should be tasteful and joyful.