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Winter Birthday Party Ideas

Make your child's birthday party special during the winter!

There are tons of activities to explore with their family and friends. That’s the best part about winter, there’s so many different activities going on no matter what area you live in.


Sledding is super enjoyable for anyone. You can throw a party outside and go sledding behind your house, if you have a hill but if not, attend a local sledding place and get the whole family together. Bring your sleds, or you can rent or purchase sleds. Make sure to wear layers of warm clothes and a nice pair of winter boots as sometimes the hills can be slippery. Don’t forget to purchase hot chocolate to warm everyone up.

Sledding as a birthday party idea for kids

Ice Skating

Ice skating is a popular winter activity for anyone to enjoy. Do you have a local skating rink or are you ambitious enough to create your own in your backyard? Whichever you decide, skating can be a fantastic birthday activity. Set up your refreshment and snack table beside the rink for easy access as your child and guests work up a sweat and appetite. While skating, set up a hockey game for a fun activity.

Winter Scavenger Hunt

Kids enjoy scavenger hunts, especially during the winter as they love to be outside in the snow. Create and print off a list of some items they can easily find during the winter time and head on outside. The scavenger hunt can take place in your backyard or bring your child and guests to a local park, either way it will be an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Build a Snowman

Building a snowman in your backyard will be an awesome winter birthday idea for your kids. Bring the family and guests over to participate in this fun activity. Building a snowman is pretty simple, just roll up three snowballs, one large, one medium, and one small. Stack them together and allow your creativity to add decorations or accessories to your snowman. Here’s a list of items for accessories to add to your snowman:

· Hats

· Scarves

· A carrot for the nose

· Buttons for the eyes and/or smile

· If you feel creative, add some paint

· Gloves

· Add a ribbon or a bow

· Add a candy-cane ornament

· Use sticks or branches for the arms

build a snowman as a kids birthday party idea

Snow Paint

Here’s a creative winter outdoor craft for you kids and the guests. Head on outside to make some snowballs for your kids to paint. Doing this activity outside will be lots of fun and keeps your house from being messy. If your kid spills some paint, it’s no big deal as this activity takes place outside in the snow. A creative way to do this activity is by combining some food colouring or watercolour paints with some water and place in a spray bottle. Super easy! Send your kids and their friends outside to colour the snow in any way they’d like. You’ll get to experience their talented side.

Freezing Bubbles

Blowing bubbles outside and watching it turn to ice is such an incredible activity. This is a great experiment for kids in the winter time. It could take a few attempts before succeeding to allow the bubbles to freeze, depending on the temperature outside.

Snow Maze

If you have a field or a large yard, have the kids create a snow maze. It’s up to them to create their own paths and obstacles. Allow them to challenge their friends to see who can make the best maze or who can finish the fastest. This will be a fun experience and keep them occupied for a while.

Christmas Light Walk

Kids love seeing all the Christmas lights. Take them on a walk to look at all those unique Christmas lights around houses on your street. Bring hot chocolate in a travel mug to keep warm. Make sure to head out when it’s dark for the best experience and watch your kids have a smile on their face while they’re enjoying all the beautiful coloured lights. It will be very special to them.

Coloured Icicles

This in a really cool outdoor winter birthday party idea. There are a few ways to do this, but one creative way is to attach yarn to small water bottles filled with different coloured water and letting it drip down the yarn to create mixed colour masterpieces. This will be a fun experience for your kids and their friends to try out.

Ice Bowling

This outdoor activity will keep your kids occupied for hours. All you need are 10 water bottles and a balloon. Fill all the water bottles with coloured water and place them outside or in the freezer to freeze solid. Leave room at the top of the bottles to give the water room to expand. Fill a round balloon with water and allow it to freeze to make a round bowling ice ball. Once it’s all frozen solid, go outside and set up the bowling lane. Bring the kids and their friends outside, they will have a blast.

Attend a Winter Festival

This is a great idea to get the kids and their friends to have a blast for your kids’ birthday party. Winter Festivals are always fun for everyone, especially kids, and keeps them entertained with countless of activities. No matter where you live, there’s always a winter festival nearby.

attend winter festival as a winter birthday idea for your kids

Make Snow Angels

Making snow angels is an activity kids tend to do every winter. There’s a way to make this activity fun for your kids and their friends. Let your kids and their friends make a snow angel then let them decorate it. You could add paint or let them use items such as buttons, ribbons, and bows to allow them to be creative.

Host an Outdoor Playground

Invite some families with kids that are the same age as yours, pick a time and plan some outdoor activities. To make it extra special, serve some hot chocolate, have a bonfire and roast marshmallows or make smores for everyone. Plus, having friends around makes it much more enjoyable for your kids, so they’ll definitely spend more time outside.


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