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Kids party entertainment ideas everyone needs to know

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Kids party entertainment ideas every parent needs to know
Kids party entertainment ideas - Freckles World

Kids party entertainment ideas

Any parent who has actually ever organized a bash understands that there's a lot to consider-- the invitations, the location, the food, the decors, the celebration bags-- and that's before you have actually even thought about how to the kids will be entertained.

If you're looking for kids celebration entertainment ideas and do not don't even know where to begin, don't panic: we have actually done some brainstorming, and come up with ideas for the types of kids' celebration entertainers that sound like a great success for the kids party-- from real Elsa and Annas, to puppeteers deserving of a much larger phase.

There's something to match every celebration theme and budget plan, as well as alternatives that will fit different age groups. Your only task will be shaving it down to just one or two!


Kids entertainment party - Super Hero
Kids entertainment party - Super Hero

Whether your kid is consumed with Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman or just merely looks adorable in a cape, choosing to celebrate your kid's party with a superhero celebration is never going to dissatisfy. Bonus points if your picked performer that can toss reasonable Spiderman webs from their wrists.


Kids party entertainment - princess paty
Kids party entertainment - Princess party

You've probably seen the increase of Elsa and Anna characters drifting around the celebration circuit recently, however they're still a huge hit in our homes, and you do not need to restrict yourself to just another variation of 'Love is an Open Door'. Our performers can handle all known princess characters - Bell, Cinderella, Snow White and even Thumbelina. Hopefully, they'll teach the kids royal manners worthwhile of royalty too.

Balloon makers

Kids party entertainment - balloon twisters
Kids party entertainment - balloon twisters

Balloons can come as an addition to any party plan. There are awesome balloon artists that will twist for your kids a variety of animals, exotic flowers just in front of the audience. It is still well worth your money, as balloon twisting is really deceptively difficult

Face painters

Kids entertainment party - Face painting
Kids entertainment party - Face painting

Another one that deals with practically any kind of celebration, face painters can change your kid's friends into any animal, princess, superhero or any other object their heart desires. It's better searching for an entertainer that can operate in a group, rather than a solo artist if you have a lot of kids in your party so they will not wait for their turn for too long.

Glitter tattooists

Kids entertainment party - Glitter tattoos
Kids entertainment party - Glitter tattoos

These tattoos are popular with young kids, and artists can normally accommodate all tastes, whether they desire a superhero tattoo or a sparkly shoulder crown. You could also inquire whether they can come up with styles that incorporate to your celebration theme-- for example, every excellent pirate needs a mean-looking skull ...

Hair braiders

Kids party entertainment - Hair Braiders
Kids party entertainment - Hair Braiders

This only really works if your party celebration group has relatively long hair, but we have actually found that even it's time consuming activity, teenage girls are particularly in love with the outcomes. Caution: only book if you're ready to be asked to recreate the intricate weavings on a school early morning, because it. Will. Happen.

Mascots or clowns

Kids party entertainment - Mascots
Kids party entertainment - Mascots

Clowns have come a long way from our childhoods. Nowadays, they're intense and enjoyable, although they're still using the usual tricks (handkerchiefs up the sleeve, anybody?). If you desire a more modern-day take, you can search for any circus entertainers that offer party deals -- gymnasts, firebreathers, unicyclists and more, and some of them will even teach your guests some of their abilities too.


Kids party entertainment - Cartoonist

Perhaps one for a five+ audience, as we can't think of anybody younger who can sit still for longer than five minutes! Cartoonists are great for any celebration theme, and the resulting pictures, when penetrated a cheap frame and coupled with a piece of cake, produce an awesome alternative to a standard celebration bag.


kids' party entertainment ideas - storytellers

They're not just for bedtime! An excellent party storyteller will captivate the attention of even the most unpredictable minds for as long as you want them to. Much of them utilize voices, props and actions to bring the story to life-- you might find yourself wishing to hear the entire story rather than cleaning the wrapping paper too ...


kids entertainment party - DJ

Well, it's not a celebration if no one tosses shapes to the Chicken Dance, is it? The kind of DJ you'll desire depends upon the age of the kid in attendance-- smaller kids are frequently delighted with some flashing lights, some known Disney soundtrack and some happy round of pass the parcel. Pre-teens will discover the capability to make their own music choices and dance without the guidance of mum and dad a lot more open.


kids entertainment party - puppeteers

Puppet shows are primarily focused on more youthful celebrations, and for those, these shows will work like a dream. There are lots of other, truly imaginative versions on offer, so a special idea that they've never seen before might be the method to go!

Cheerleaders and dancers

kids entertainment party - dancers

Dance or cheer celebrations are lively, tire the kids out nicely and likewise give them their day-to-day exercise without them even understanding! They can discover a regular and perform it at the end-- you could even film their final show (with all of the parents' approval, of course) and send it later to the other mums and daddies to enjoy.

Animal safari

kids entertainment party - animals

Got an animal-mad bunch on your hands? There are services across the country that will bring mammals, birds and reptiles to your celebration for the kids to welcome and meet. Typical animals consist of bunnies and guinea pigs, chinchillas, lizards, parrots, and owls, however, do some research and see what are the unusual options in your area.


kids entertainment party - magic

There is no one (not even the responsible adults) who is not wowed by an energetic performer pulling bunnies out of their pockets. Kids will appreciate easier tricks and a funny show, as their attention spans tend to subside, whereas other guests will love anything from card tricks to close-up magic.


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