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How to Find the Best Face Painter For a Birthday Party?

Face painters earn a handsome revenue by drawing different images or sketches on their clients' faces. Mostly, such professionals serve on events like birthday parties, different festivals, carnivals, fairs, or charity events. However, these are not the only events where one can get the services of these professionals. Many other children's parties may also be celebrated by drawing the sketches on their faces accordingly. Such activity will add thrill and excitement to children's parties by making the events colorful.

Not every face painter for birthday party is good for hiring to draw images on children's faces. Some may be experienced and know which ink will be suitable for a particular skin. So, there will be no alarm for the skin in such a situation. To learn all about the face painter for children's birthday parties, go through this guide to discuss all these queries. So, let's move down to explore all about the query under discussion.

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Different Ideas for Face Children Paintings

If you are considering face painter for birthday party, You might acknowledge that different painters have different skills and experiences within the field. Based on their experience, they can draw creative images on the children's faces to add to their happiness. However, the most common face painting ideas are listed here.

  • Full face painting

  • Drawing eye designs

  • Cheek designs

  • Masks

  • Crowns

  • Glittering tattoos

  • Halloween designs

Different creative ideas like monster faces, princesses, lions faces, angry tigers, super-heroes, and butterfly designs fall under the above-mentioned face paintings. The more complicated the art will be, the more time it will consume. So, easy designs can complete within a shorter period than complex ones.

How to Make Face Painting Safe?

Face paintings add to the joy and happiness of children by making their events colorful. However, one should know the safety and hygienic measurements to know whether a particular painting is safe or not for his or her children. Understanding this query is very important for the health of your children. Judging the skin types is important to apply a particular paint that will not harm the skin. Here are some of the safety methods that one should learn before going for any such practice.

1- Avoid Water Pooling

Water pools in the face paint may cause certain troubles. So, one should avoid the water pooling in the face paint to make the safety of the child certain. If you want to wet the sponges, spray them directly. This will help in keeping the paint healthy for children.

2- Cover the Paint

When storing for some time, don't forget to cover the paint. Use the lids of the paint to cover it. This will avoid the penetration of hazardous chemicals in the paint.

3- Avoid Touching Paint

For a healthy and secure face painting, one should avoid touching the paint. You may know that touching paint may add germs to it. The paintbrush may transfer these germs to the children's skin. So, avoid such practices to make your paintings secure. This practice is not only for children, but adults should also avoid touching the paint.

4- Don't Use Expired Paint

Just like many other chemicals, face paints also have a valid expiry date. After the expiry date, the paints will not be safe to use. Examine the expiry date. In case the expiry date is over, don't use that paint on your child's face.

5- Keep the Brush Water Fresh

To make sure that your brush is healthy and safe, keep changing the brush water to keep it fresh. You may add certain products like a brush bath to keep the brush healthy.

6- Sanitize the Tools

Sanitizing the tools has always been important, but the current situations of Covid-19 have made this step inevitable. Between every job, one should sanitize the painting tools. Using warm soapy water and then clean water is the best idea for this purpose. However, one can use certain chemicals like 'Parian Spirit' for this purpose too.

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7- Keep the Brushes Clean

For a healthy and secure face painting, one should keep the brushes clean. This will help to reduce the germ spreading via these tools. One can keep his or her face paint brushes clean by following these tips.

1.Keep changing the brush water to keep it fresh.

2.Use three bowls with hot soapy water, water with rinsing material, and fresh water to clean the brushes instantly.

3.Keep sanitizing your brushes along with other tools.

4.Try to cover the brushes when not in use.

8- Check the Paint Ingredients

Before using, check the list of ingredients used in the face paint. These ingredients should be:

  • Non-allergic

  • Non-toxic

  • Free of paraben

  • Vegan

  • Hypoallergenic

9- Judge Possible Skin Allergic Reactions

Some children may have sensitive skin that may be allergic to particular ingredients. Make sure that the paint you'll use for child face painting doesn't feature that specific chemical. You may see the hypoallergenic ingredients from the paint packaging.

10- Take the Service of Professional Face Painters

Keep in mind that an experienced person can do his work well. It is a risky task if you don't know some complex things about face painting and start painting your child's face. Your child may encounter certain problems due to some allergens. So, always search for an experienced face painter and get his services for a safe process.

11- Know How to Remove the Paint

Another important measurement that one should know before applying face paint is how to remove it. Proper removal of the paint is necessary for health. One can use baby wipes to remove the face paint. But make sure that your baby wipes are clean. Know your child's sensitivity before applying or removing the paint.

Final Thoughts

Inviting face painter for birthday party is one of the commonly adopted activities by children and adults to make the events adventurous and joyful. However, this activity may be risky if someone is unaware of the preventive measures. Before rushing for the face painter's shop, one should know all the preventive measurements for safety. So, keep in mind the above-mentioned preventive measurements while going for such an activity.

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